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“The fool hath said in his heart,
there is no God"
(Psalms 14:1 in the Bible).


.  What exactly is an Atheist?

Basically, an atheist is someone who does not believe God exists.  A "theist" is someone who believes in the existence of a divine being.  An atheist (the "a" making it negative) does not. 

It may not come as a surprise to you but while an atheist doesn't believe in God, God does not believe in atheists.  In fact, if you look honestly and carefully at what is required to be an atheist, then the only person qualified to be an atheist, is God!!!  You would need to be divine.  Find out why. 


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.  Atheists and foxholes 

They say there's no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.  During times of war, when a soldier was laid up in a foxhole and all hope was disappearing fast, it was not uncommon for him to suddenly "get religious".  For many, when they are at deaths door, there seemed to be a sudden concern that, if God exists, they better get right with him fast.  Their God given conscience was showing them

But it is also true that people have cursed God or proclaimed his non-existence on their deathbeds.  And this is not just for those in foxholes. 

Yet there is one thing those who curse God and those who cry out to him have in common: the moment they die, both will have their beliefs about what happens after death put to the test.  It's not something you want to be wrong about, especially if there is a day of judgment on which God will hold you accountable for everything you have ever said, done or thought.


Ex Atheist gives evidence for God

From Coke to Creator


An atheist is someone who denies the existence of God. However, when you look at the evidence, it takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe God exists.  As we shall see, the evidence for God is so clear that if we were to deny it, we would be without excuse.  We'll start by examining what evolution teaches. 

To believe, as evolution teaches, that the world came into existence from absolutely nothing, through some kind of "Big Bang" is to insult ones intelligence.  "Once there was nothing, which exploded!" requires far more faith to believe in than to believe God created the world. To believe in evolution requires blind faith. Faith is blind because it has no evidence to support it. Not only that, its an insult to our intelligence.

It would be like saying that once upon a time, metal began to from on a rock out in the middle of the dessert. Then the form took the shape of a hollow cylinder with an opening in the top. Over thousands of millions of years, the cylinder gradually covered itself with red and white markings. As even further time progressed, a sweet brown liquid began to form inside the cylinder. Then finally, after even more millions and millions of years, the opening was closed and the words "Coca Cola" appeared on the cylinder.

Just like the Coke tin illustration, the Big Bang theory insults our intellect. The reason is that behind every design there must be a designer. Coke tin - Coka Cola.  Creation - Creator.

Take the human eye as an example of intelligent design. The eye has 40,000 nerve endings, focusing muscles that move 100,000 x per day and 137 million light sensitive cells. No wonder Charles Darwin, author of "Origin of Species" and the father of the evolutionary theory said,

"To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection, 
 seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree."

Of course its absurd, it goes against common sense. Einstein himself believed in the existence of God.


Building.... Builder


When you look at building and ask how it got there you know that it was made by a builder. Why? Simple. The very existence of the building tells you that. You don't need blind faith, just eyes that can see and a mind that can think. You don't need to be an Einstein. You look at the design of the building and consider the fact that bricks don't pile themselves on top of each other. This tells you that behind the building there must be a builder.


Its the same when you look at a painting. When you look at a painting and ask how it got there you know that it was made by a painter. The very existence of the painting tells you that. You don't need blind faith, just eyes that can see and a mind that can think. You don't need to be an Einstein. You look at the design and the canvas and you know that they didn't get there on their own. Even if the painting is totally abstract (not pattern to it) you know the paint didn't put itself on the canvas. This tells you that behind the painting, there must be a painter.

It's the same with creation. When look at creation and ask how it got there, you know that there was a creator. The very existence of the things that we see in creation tell us that there was someone who created it. Creation has design written all over it, so there must be a designer. You don't need blind faith, just eyes that can see and mind that can think. The Bible reminds us of this when it says,

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse." Romans 1:20

A building can't build itself, it has to have a builder.
A painting can't paint itself, it has to have a painter.
Creation can create itself, it has to have a creator.

Intelligent design is written on every atom in the universe (see the section below on atoms and molecules for a more detailed answer to this).

Building... builder!
Painting... painter!
Creation... creator!


The Car - like a human?

We've looked at buildings and paintings but lets do one more. Its the same with a car. A car can't build itself. It has to have a maker. A car has: a body; steering wheel; windshield; wipers and window washers. Each of these parts is clearly built with a purpose in mind. It's the same with the human body.

The human body is also built with a purpose in mind. Like the car it has a body. The human mind and will are like the steering wheel which directs the car. The human eyes are like the windshield which gives vision. The eyelids are like the wipers and they even have windscreen washers (tear ducts) to keep them clean. We wouldn't say the car, with its purpose built design, got here by accident. So how can we believe that an even more complex thing like the human body with purpose and design, got here by accident. Everything about us is designed with a purpose in mind.

Even something like the appendix which scientists once thought was just a useless appendix, has a purpose.

So we need to ask, would it be intelligent to suggest to someone that the car has no maker and that it just happened? Of course not. That would be an insult to their intelligence. The car's got design and purpose written all over it. How much less intelligent then is it to say that the human body - far more complex than the car - has no design and therefore no designer? 

Not very smart at all.


Are you Absolutely sure?

To say, "There is no God!" is an absolute statement.

But to make an absolute statement (about anything), and be right, you need absolute knowledge. To state the obvious, that means you have to know absolutely everything about that subject. Consider the following example on the subject of gold in China.

If someone said, “There is NO gold in China.” that's an absolute statement. For that absolute statement to be true, they would have to know what's under every rock, what's in ever jeweller's store, and in every mouth in China. They would need absolute knowledge about anywhere in China where there could be gold.

However, if someone wanted to make the statement, “There IS gold in China.” they would not have to have absolute knowledge of China. They only need a little knowledge. They just need some evidence to support their claim and it would not need to be much. They would only have to see gold fillings in the mouth of one Chinese person to be able to say that there is there is gold in China.

So, when an person says there is no God, they are making an absolute statement. However, to make and absolute statement about God, they must have absolute (all) knowledge about God and his possible existence in the universe (not China). That means, to be an atheist, you must be omniscient (all knowing). Yet even the brilliant scientist Thomas Edison said,

 "We do not know one millionth of one percent about anything."

If you still believe that its possible to be an an atheist, you might be willing to take the atheists test.  Give it a go and be honest.  


Atheists Test

.  Before you do the test, please humour us and answer these two questions:

1. How many pieces of sand are there on combined islands of Hawaii

2. How many hairs on the back of a fully grown male Tebitan Yak.

These might appear silly questions but they are simply to prove that you don't have absolute knowledge. Many other questions could be used to prove the point that no-one has absolute knowledge. God used similar questions to make a similar point with a man called Job. He asked Job seven questions, one after another until Job eventually put his hand on his mouth and said, "I hardly know anything".

.  Anyway, here's the test...

Draw a circle.  OK.  Easy so far.  Now let's say the beautiful circle you have drawn represents ALL the knowledge in the universe - in other words, ABSOLUTE knowledge.  Someone who has ALL knowledge, ABSOLUTE knowledge, would be omniscient , they would know everything about everything: how many hairs on every head and every atom that exists.

Now, imagine you know a whole 1% of all the knowledge in the universe – which is being generous and according to Thomas Edison, would make you pretty smart.  Maybe the smartest person in the world.  Ask yourself, is it possible that in the 99% of knowledge you haven't come across, there is ample evidence to prove that God exists?

If you are reasonable you will say, "Well OK then, it is possible that in the 99% of knowledge I haven't come across in the universe (which contains about 400 billion galaxies, each with about 130 millions stars like our sun) there is ample evidence to prove that God exists.

Can you see that with the limited knowledge you have at present, you must come to the conclusion that while you say there is no God, you don't.....really.....know.   You can't.  You don't have ABSOLUTE knowledge.

In conclusion, that would NOT make you an atheist.  It would make you an agnostic!

An agnostic is a person who accepts that God may exist but they do not honestly know. Some would go so far as to say God might exist but that if he did, he cannot be personally known.  The word, "agnostic" comes from two words: "a" meaning without and "gnosis" meaning knowledge. An agnostic is simply one is accepts that they are without knowledge.  But to be an atheist, you would need absolute knowledge.  Which you don't have. 

Logically, no finite human being could possibly be an atheist.

Ironically, the one person who could be an atheist, is God!  Only he has absolute knowledge.  Read, ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE?


Without Excuse


It seems that for those who want proof (which is most of us), there will never be enough.  The fact is that God in his goodness has given us ample evidence of his existence.  Consider these five ways.

1.  He has given us a Conscience that speaks to us about right and wrong.  This is because God has written his moral law on our hearts.  The conscience then sits as judge on the courtroom of our mind, sometimes excusing, sometimes condemning us (Romans 2:14-15).

2.  He has given us creation.  The Bible says "The heavens declare the glory of God."  In an article that appeared in the May 1999 North and South magazine, Glen Makie said that there were about 400 billion stars in our galaxy.  He then wrote:

"What is the total number of galaxies in the universe? Sagan assumed 100 billion. Is that still valid? Recently the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) surveyed, to the faintest levels yet detected, a small area of sky. Extrapolating from the number of galaxies detected by HST to that expected over the whole sky, I calculate 130 billion galaxies, slightly larger than Sagans estimate. Then the number of stars in the universe is 400 billion x 130 billion, or about 50,000 billion billion. A billion billion. That's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. So, grasp the concept of a billion billion, then think of 50 thousand of those. Easy!" 

[Glen Makie is Lecturer, in the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.]

3.  He has given us the Bible which is the written revelation of God, by God, about himself and his love for mankind (John 20:30-31).  It tell us who God is and what he has done.  Most importantly, it speaks of how, when sinful humanity had rebelled against its maker, God in his great love came to earth as a helpless babe, grew to full manhood, lived a perfect life and offered himself on the cross as a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sin.  The Bible tells us how we have broken God's laws and are condemned as lawbreakers.  It also shows us that there is forgiveness and eternal life to all who repent and put their trust in the risen Christ.

4.  He has given us Christian people, imperfect, but yet forgiven because they have accepted Jesus death as payment for their sin, repented and put their trust in him.  Christians are called to witness to God's love for this world through their words and actions and by
telling others about Jesus Christ and the need to repent and trust in him (Acts 1:8).  Hence this website.

5.  He has given the Holy Spirit to convict about sin, righteousness and judgement (John 16:8-11).  The Spirit acts on our conscience to show us that we have broken God's moral law and are guilty before him and answerable to him.  If you ignore the convicting work of the Spirit and with a heart of stubborn pride refuse to humble yourself before God now, he will humble you on the day of judgement.  You can bow before him now with a broken heart as you realise you have offended him by your sin, or you can wait to the day of judgement.  Either way, as the Bible says, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:9-11).  You can bow now and be saved or bow then and be damned.  The choice is yours.

6.  He has given us Jesus.  The last three (Christians and especially the Bible and the Holy Spirit) are witnesses to Jesus.  In the person of Jesus, God himself came and declared his glory and  great power to us by Jesus perfect life, his miracles, his sacrifiice for our sin and his resurrection from the dead.  The tomb is empty.  You can go to the "Who is Jesus?" page to find out more about this.  This page gives clear evidence for his life, death and resurrection.

These six things are all powerful witnessess to the existence of God and you ignore them to your eternal peril.  "I didn't know."  Will not be an acceptable excuse when you stand before your creator.  Nothing will be an acceptable excuse.  God will not be accepting excuses on that day.  And you will not be able to have a little chat with your creator and sort it out then like good mates.  If you have not repented, you place will be in the lake of fire.


Are You and Accident?


If you were not created by God to know him, glorify him, enjoy his love forever then...

Who are you?           .  Where did you come from?          .  Where are you going?


The only other alternative (apart from the idea that we were planted on earth by aliens - but where did they come from?) is that we are the result of atoms randomly bumping together and here we are! 

Taking this to its logical conclusion, that means that even your very thoughts are the result of atoms randomly bumping together in your brain (itself the result of random chance).  If that is true, then every word you speak has no meaning or purpose.  Likewise, there is no meaning or purpose for your existence.  You are just an accident!  Its not much of an alternative. 

If there is no purpose to this life and if there are no eternal consequences for how we live this life then what right have we got to be angry at people like Hitler!  If our thoughts about right and wrong are just the result of atoms randomly bumping together in our brains then how are we to know that there really is a right and wrong?  Why not just eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die?   But, if you do believe there is such a thing as right and wrong (which you conscience tells you there is) and if you do believe there must be a day of justice for all the murderers who go undetected (about 50% of all murders in USA are unsolved) then you owe it to yourself to get some real answers. 

.  The fact is: 10 out of every 10 people die

In the end, you will become part of the ultimate statistic.  ie. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! 

What do you believe happens after you die.  Could you be wrong?  You can't afford to be...

.  Eternity is a long time to be wrong!!

We certainly do not believe you are an accident.  We believe you are created in the image of God, to know him, to glorify him and to enjoy his love forever.  We also believe, as the Bible says, that God is not willing for any to perish but wants all to come to repentance so they they may be forgiven and have eternal life. 

Are you a good person?  Are you innocent or guilty?  Will you go to heaven or hell?  Please, find out.  Read the Bible, check out more about this on this site.  Talk to people who openly profess faith in Jesus Christ.  Do not let pride keep you out of heaven.  Pride is the reason why Satan fell from being one of God's angels.  He is now condemned to the lake of fire and all who follow his prideful ways and reject God, will go there too.  Please, repent, turn from your sins and put your trust in Jesus.  Jesus died on a cross to pay the penalty for your sin and rose again so that by repentance and trust in him you might have eternal life.  

When you have come honestly and humbly before God, repented and put your trust in him, read you Bible, seek Christian fellowship, pray and live a life worthy of what God has done for you. 

You are not an accident!  Click Here to discover how special you are in the eyes of the one God who created you.  There is a meaning and a purpose to your life.  Click Here to do the GOOD PERSON test.